Is a marketing company that provides business development and technological solutions with market data. We specialize in promoting and showcasing emerging projects and offer a wide range of services across various business lines.

adjective - characterized by favorable economic prospects


Bullish Times caters exclusively to the marketing and content needs of the fin-tech and blockchain sector through a premium domain and website which are specifically tailored to reach highly digital and tech-savvy audiences, to help you stay abreast of a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, and demystify the complex technical nature of blockchain products and services.


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Meet Our Team

Benedict "Benny Steele" Maund


After over a decade working in Global Transaction Services and CREST operations for the UK banking sector. I decided to move into Community Management and Business Development for the crypto industry. In the 2020/2021 crypto super cycle and NFT boom, I set up the NFT Rader website and development agency. In late 2023, and after taking on a valued partner and development staff Bullish-Times.com was formed. Bullish Labs is the culmination of nearly 10 years crypto development experience. We are always seeking new quality partners to join us in the Bullish experience. #WeAreBullish. Are you?

Cairo "Glitch" Arevalo


Cairo Arévalo ¨Glitch¨ brings over 15 years of diverse international experience to the table. With over a decade managing INGO operations and finances, he concurrently delved into DeFi, focusing on financial inclusion since early 2014. Transitioning into the Web3 space in 2019, Cairo collaborated with companies specializing in community management, digital assets and gaming. His pivotal role as Head of Business Development for the Americas at a crypto exchange facilitated invaluable business and networking opportunities for startups and token listings. Joining forces with Benny, Cairo co-founded Bullish Times and BullishLabs, marking a significant milestone in his journey towards innovation.